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Beauty Drops No.1


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Beauty Drops No. 1 is a unique water-based hydrating face serum featuring astringents, conditioners, and other ingredients to balance delicate skin. Ivy, witch hazel, and red vine are the key astringents, detoxifying and balancing skin while drying out oils and tightening pores for a smooth, matte complexion. Red vine and ivy are also stimulating, which can enliven your skin for a healthful, radiant glow.

Other key ingredients include horse chestnut, which is a calming antioxidant known to soothe skin as it protects against everyday pollution. Centella asiatica delivers additional antioxidant power plus skin soothing benefits to help calm redness or rosacea. Silk amino acid works as a nourishing ingredient to condition and repair skin.

How To Use

This product can be used on all skin types—including sensitive skin. To use it, apply a few drops to cleansed skin morning and night, massaging gently until the product absorbs fully. Follow use with a facial cream or moisturizer. You can also use Beauty Drops No. 1 as a final touch after moisturizer to create a natural glowing effect.

Key Ingredients

- Ivy

- Witch hazel

- Arnica Montana

- Horse chestnut

- Red Vine

- Silk Amino Acid

- Mimosa bark

- Centella Asiatica