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Neroli Cypress High Atlas Mineral Soak



To release and find elation.

Mineral-rich water offers the most sensual and full retreat for the entire body. eliminate toxicity from deep within and let the body float into a state of absolute release. blended with the purest dead sea salts, clay and other deep earth minerals along with essential oils of cedar atlas, neroli, geranium, calendula, moroccan blue tansy and bergamot. dead sea salts contain the highest concentrations of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and bromine that assist in cellular rejuvenation. these naturally oxygen-rich chloride salts also induce a healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and the water, while stimulating circulation and encouraging the flow of the lymphatic system. soaking in these powerful salts offers the effect of a gentle peel by exfoliating the top layer of the skin, restoring a healthy pH balance. earth-rich minerals, silt and red mud from the atlas mountains and Moroccan lava clay further detoxify and deliver a calming, sedative effect. Blended with pure flower essences, citrus fruit and tree oils to stimulate blood flow, warm, revitalize and relax the whole system.

24 oz 

How To Use

to release and find rest, empty a generous amount into a very hot bath. enter when water blends to a natural red lava hue and becomes heavy and buoyant. soaking in mineral-rich water is the simplest way to create a sense of serene elation. draw water's energy into the skin to heal, detoxify and ease tension in the whole body.

Key Ingredients

ingredient list, scent notes & process:
cedar wood oil
clove bud oil
dead sea salt
moroccan red clay
orange peel oil
patchouli oil
sea salt
neroli oil