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For happy, hydrated skin
TIP #1
Be sure to lather sunblock everywhere! Ears, eyes, lips, where you part your hair and the back of the neck are often overlooked. Cover every last nook! We recommend Eclipse SPF 50+ and it's perfect for sensitive areas.

 TIP #2
RE-APPLY...every 1.5-2 hours in fact. iS Clinical Perfectint Powder SPF 40 is a great and convenient way to re-apply over makeup or on bare skin without leaving you feeling sticky or greasy. It also looks fabulous and won't clog pores.

TIP #3
Do a double cleanse to thoroughly remove your layers of sun protection and follow with hydration! iS Clinical’s hydra-cool serum will instantly replenish your hydration levels and helps balance oil production.

TIP #4
In the event of a sunburn, don't stress, soothe! Feed the skin with hydration and healing botanicals. DMK Beta Gel is the ultimate healer and soother for facial burns. Apply 3x a day until stinging goes away and then 2x a day to help rebuild damaged collagen and elastin. 

For body burns, Glymed CBD B3 is an excellent option. It's a mist, so you can easily reach places like your back, not just the face. It's also a non-greasy formula and ideal for multiple applications per day.

Stay safe and keep cool!