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Self-Care Tips, May 2023

Self-Care Tips, May 2023

Celebrate your nurturing side. You spend so much time caring for others, it's time to take care of you.

Here are some of Stacy's favorite self-care rituals, 

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Start with the luxurious Warming Honey Cleanser by iS Clinical. 
Hydrate with a refreshing tingle to soothe inflammation and smooth fine lines with HYDRA-COOL.

For an ultimate at-home glow-up, indulge in a facial using DMK's famous professional mask FOAMY LIFT KIT, available in an at-home version.

Stacy's preferred evening routine when she's short on time involves a thorough cleanse followed by REVITOSIN. This regimen ensures that you wake up looking bright and rejuvenated.

No ritual is complete without the perfect RED FLOWER candle companion.
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Autumn Tips

Autumn Tips

As the summer months fade into Autumn, it's time to repair and prepare the skin for colder weather. 

Rainy days mean more indoor activities. Why not treat your skin to a home device! Ziip is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain their post facial snatch, while the acne Lightstim device is perfect for keeping acne breakouts at bay.

Foamy lift kit:
Now that the kiddos are back at school, there’s a little more free time for you to do some homework of your own. DMK’s foamy lift kit is a weekly treatment for healthy, glowing and firmed skin. It’s an essential tool, that will maintain your facial results until your next appointment.

As the grey days set in, getting enough vitamin D becomes essential. Regenerate is an amazing bioavailable source of vitamin D (as well as A,C and E!)  It also helps repair and detox the liver as well as reducing visible liver spots on the skin. 
Serum A-Glyca:
Avoid 2 years of collagen damage in 2 months. Aging, sun damage, consuming a high sugar diet and stress all stimulate the skins glycation process. Collagen fibers crystallize, they become brittle, and eventually they snap. This damage of collagen fibers brings about wrinkles and sagging.  Serum A-Glyca helps to strengthen and rebuild healthy collagen for firmer and smoother skin. 

Golden Touch Oil:
If you are still trying to get through your summer skincare routine but notice that the weather shift is leaving your skin thirsty for more hydration, add some golden touch oil into the mix. Blend a few drops into your summer moisturizer to instantly turn it into the perfect nourishing treatment for fall. It can also be layered over moisturizer for extra protection on days when the heater is cranked. 

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Sun tips for happy, hydrated skin
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